404 Merge implementation of PACS Healthcare Workstations

Centracare To Use Merge PACS

Merge PACS HealthcareDespite Merge’s financial woes of the past, the seem to be chugging along just fine scoring some significant installs and sales.  The latest one is from Centracare in St. Cloud , MN.

The major driving factors in purchasing Merge are its web-based architecture and a vendor-neutral archive infrastructure. I can’t attest to what ‘vendor neutral’ means in this case due to the different variations and interpretations by various vendors.  I posed a discussion topic in my Linked In Group Healthcare IT Systems and asked the question.

The customer went of to say that Merge PACS was unique in that their workstations consolidated various functions and features in to a single workstations.  Prior to that several workstations were required to provide the same functionality as one of the Merge workstations.

The press release mentioned,

What makes Merge PACS unique is its consolidation of workstations including 3D, mammography and PET/CT/MR/NM fusion which allows for faster diagnoses.

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