9 Wearable Devices For Patients Health – #9 BodyMedia Link Armband

By on August 8, 2012
BodyMedia Link Armband Medical Wearable Device

BodyMedia Link Armband Medical Wearable Device

BodyMedia Link Armband

BodyMedia’s Link Armband, a body-monitoring armband equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, communicates directly with a smartphone app. The device provides real-time, up-to-the minute streams of information such as caloric burn data, physical activity level, and steps taken.

The armband collects physiological data using four sensors that capture more than 5,000 data readings every minute. The raw data includes measurements of heat flux, skin temperature, motion, and galvanic skin response. BodyMedia says proprietary algorithms convert these readings to capture key parameters that directly affect people’s health and wellness: calorie burn, physical activity duration, steps taken, and sleep duration and efficiency.

BodyMedia also offers a subscription-based service called Activity Manager that lets users enter their own body parameters and goals for a running progress report. Goals can include steps taken, time spent in moderate and vigorous activity, nutritional analysis, and sleep efficiency.

9 Wearable Devices For Patients Health

  1. IntelliVue MX40
  2. BlueLibris
  3. BioHarness BT
  4. Body Motion Patch
  5. Zoll LifeVest
  6. Basis B1
  7. Nike FuelBank
  8. FitBit Ultra
  9. BodyMedia Link Armband


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