HL7 ADT A02 Message Patient Transfer Example

By on April 2, 2013

HL7 ADT^A02 Sample Message

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An HL7 ADT^A02 event is issued as a result of the patient changing his or her assigned physical location.Sample HL7 Message ADT A02

The fields included when this message is sent should be the fields pertinent to communicate this event. When other important fields change it is recommended that the A08 (update patient information) event be used instead.

If the transfer function of your ADT system allows demographics to change at the same time as the transfer, we recommend (but do not require) sending two messages (an A02 followed by an A08).

This A02 event can be used with admitted and non-admitted patients.

The new patient location should appear in PV1-3-assigned patient location while the old patient location should appear in PV1-6-prior patient location.

For example, an A02 event can be used to notify: laboratory, radiology, pathology that the patient has changed location and test results should be redirected; pharmacy that drugs should be redirected for the patient; dietary that the meals should be delivered to a different location; the clinical repository that a transfer has taken place for the EMR.

If the patient is going to a temporary location (such as the O/R, XRAY, LIMBO, the HALLWAY) it is recommended that the A09 (patient departing tracking) and A10 (patient arriving tracking) events be used instead of A02.

It is recommended that A02 be used only for a real change in the census bed in the ADT system.


Sample HL7 ADT^A02 Patient Transfer Message

MSH|^~\&|AccMgr|1|||20050110114442||ADT^A02|59910287|P|2.3||| EVN|A02|20050110114442||||| PID|1||10006579^^^1^MRN^1||DUCK^DONALD^D||19241010|M||1|111^DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000^^M|1|8885551212|8885551212|1|2||40007716^^^AccMgr^VN^1|123121234|||||||||||NO PV1|1|I|IN1^214^1^1^^^S|3||PREOP^101^|37^DISNEY^WALT^^^^^^AccMgr^^^^CI|||01||||1|||37^DISNEY^WALT^^^^^^AccMgr^^^^CI|2|40007716^^^AccMgr^VN|4|||||||||||||||||||1||I|||20050110045253||||||


Other examples of ADT messages are:



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