HL7 ADT – Pre-admit a Patient (A05) Sample Message

By on April 2, 2013

ADT – Pre-admit a Patient (A05)

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A “pre-admission” message (A05 event) is sent to notify the interface of a patient pre-admission process.

Sample HL7 Message ADT A05

Sample HL7 Message ADT A05

This message can also be used to pre-register an outpatient or emergency room patient.

Note: Users may be able to configure their system to process, or not process (ignore), this message type; in either case an “application accept” acknowledgement will be returned to the sender.

This message uses the same segments as the “admit patient” (A01) message.


Segment Description
MSH Message Header
EVN Event Type
PID Patient Identification
PV1 Patient Visit
[{OBX}] Observation / Result
[{AL1}] Patient Allergy Information
[{DG1}] Diagnosis Information


HL7 ADT Sample Message Sent From Hospital Information System:

MSH|^~\&|AccMgr|1|||20050110045504||ADT^A05|599102|P|2.3||| EVN|A01|20050110045502||||| PID|1||10006579^^^1^MRN^1||DUCK^DONALD^D||19241010|M||1|111 DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000^^M|1|8885551212|8885551212|1|2||40007716^^^AccMgr^VN^1|123121234|||||||||||NO NK1|1|DUCK^HUEY|SO|3583 DUCK RD^^FOWL^CA^999990000|8885552222||Y|||||||||||||| PV1|1|I|PREOP^101^1^1^^^S|3|||37^DISNEY^WALT^^^^^^AccMgr^^^^CI|||01||||1|||37^DISNEY^WALT^^^^^^AccMgr^^^^CI|2|40007716^^^AccMgr^VN|4|||||||||||||||||||1||G|||20050110045253|||||| GT1|1|8291|DUCK^DONALD^D||111^DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000|8885551212||19241010|M||1|123121234||||#Cartoon Ducks Inc|111^DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000|8885551212||PT| DG1|1|I9|71596^OSTEOARTHROS NOS-L/LEG ^I9|OSTEOARTHROS NOS-L/LEG ||A| IN1|1|MEDICARE|3|MEDICARE|||||||Cartoon Ducks Inc|19891001|||4|DUCK^DONALD^D|1|19241010|111^DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000|||||||||||||||||123121234A||||||PT|M|111 DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000|||||8291 IN2|1||123121234|Cartoon Ducks Inc|||123121234A|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||8885551212 IN1|2|NON-PRIMARY|9|MEDICAL MUTUAL CALIF.|PO BOX 94776^^HOLLYWOOD^CA^441414776||8003621279|PUBSUMB|||Cartoon Ducks Inc||||7|DUCK^DONALD^D|1|19241010|111 DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000|||||||||||||||||056269770||||||PT|M|111^DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000|||||8291 IN2|2||123121234|Cartoon Ducks Inc||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||8885551212 IN1|3|SELF PAY|1|SELF PAY|||||||||||5||1


Examples of ADT messages are:



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