HL7 ADT A12 Sample Message

By on April 3, 2013

HL7 ADT – Cancel Transfer (A12)

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The “cancel transfer” message (A12 event) is intended to reverse an earlier “transfer” message, either because Sample HL7 Message ADT A12of an erroneous entry or because of a revised decision to not transfer the patient.

This message uses the same segments as the “transfer patient” ADT (A02) message and, for inbound messages, is treated as a second transfer.


Segment Description
MSH Message Header
EVN Event Type
PID Patient Identification
PV1 Patient Visit


ADT^A12 Sample Message Sent From Hospital Information System:

MSH|^~\&|AccMgr|1|||20050110114442||ADT^A12|59910287|P|2.3||| EVN|A02|20050110114442||||| PID|1||10006579^^^1^MRN^1||DUCK^DONALD^D||19241010|M||1|111^DUCK ST^^FOWL^CA^999990000^^M|1|8885551212|8885551212|1|2||40007716^^^AccMgr^VN^1|123121234|||||||||||NO PV1|1|I|IN1^214^1^1^^^S|3||PREOP^101^|37^DISNEY^WALT^^^^^^AccMgr^^^^CI|||01||||1|||37^DISNEY^WALT^^^^^^AccMgr^^^^CI|2|40007716^^^AccMgr^VN|4|||||||||||||||||||1||I|||20050110045253||||||


Examples of ADT messages are:

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