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By on April 9, 2014

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CareCloud Central Medical Billing and Coding for Practice Management

CareCloud Central medical billing and coding software offers the best in sophisticated solutions for health care practice management and medical billing.

It allows for 100% compliance through real-time claim checks, while users save time with CareCloud Central’s intuitive data entry technology that allows for auto-complete verification codes that includes payer data and provider data.

CareCloud Central also delivers a robust medical billing management system that helps health service providers to claim as much funding reinbursements and insurance claim funding as possible.

If you are new to Medical Billing and Coding there are a couple of great resources on

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  2. EMR and Practice Management Software Suite, E-PracticeSoft Professional, Patient Scheduling, Medical Billing All in One, Multiuser, Windows PCs Only


Key Benefit of CareCloud Medical Billing and Software Platform


Enhance Efficiency

Central boosts productivity by dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete day-to-day administrative and billing tasks.

By automating formerly time-consuming tasks—verifying insurance eligibility and reminding patients about appointments—Central lets you focus on other critical responsibilities.

And, with Central’s range of built-in time-savers—from auto-populated fields to code lookup tools in the Billing app—you get more done in less time.

Increase Revenue

Central helps you see more patients and capture payment more effectively.

You avoid gaps in the day through optimized scheduling and automated appointment reminders that reduce no-shows. And with Central simplifying the billing process and helping you avoid costly errors, you’re able to capture more revenue, more quickly.

Our user-friendly apps auto-populate various fields, provide code lookup tools, and identify errors in real-time to drive clean claims and prevent denials.

Optimize Decision-Making

Central’s advanced analytics provide powerful insight into your practice’s operational, clinical, and financial performance.

Integrated dashboards provide a quick pulse on performance, while the range of up-to-date reports in the Analytics app let you easily assess performance and target areas for improvement.

With reports at your fingertips, it’s easy to incorporate data into your decision-making.

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