Mango Medical Image Viewer

By on April 12, 2015

Mango is a PACS viewer for medical research images. It provides analysis tools and a user interface to navigate image volumes.

There are three versions of Mango, each geared for a different platform:

-Mango – Desktop – Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
-webMango – Browser – Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer
-iMango – Mobile – Apple iPad

The latest updates as of this writing are from Dec 2014, so they are fairly recent.  Also the user rating on the website gives it a usability rating of 4/5 Stars.


Key Features:

– Built-in support for DICOM, NIFTI, Analyze, and NEMA-DES formats
– Customizable: Create plugins, custom filters, color tables, file formats, and atlases
– ROI Editing: Threshold and component-based tools for painting and tracing ROIs
– Surface Rendering: Interactive surface models supporting cut planes and overlays
– Image Registration: Semi-automatic image coregistration and manual transform editing
– Image Stacking: Threshold and transparency-based image overlay stacking
– Analysis: Histogram, cross-section, time-series analysis, image and ROI statistics
– Processing: Kernel and rank filtering, arithmetic/logic image and ROI calculators


[click here to download]

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