KLAS report on EMR usability

By on May 4, 2015

Epic and Cerner Rated Highest for Usability, with MEDITECH Making the Most Progress.  LAS report examines acute care EMR usability progress over the past two years

Epic continues their industry-leading usability performance, Cerner’s customers are making the most usability progress, and MEDITECH distinguishes themselves as having made up the most ground.

The latest KLAS report on EMR usability charts product performance over the past two years. The report, entitled “Physician Leadership Weighs In on Acute Care EMR Usability,” compares usability performance in the acute care EMR market segment.

As part of this report, KLAS interviewed physician leadership at 110 healthcare organizations across the country. In addition to collecting data about the usability of the various modules (physician documentation, CPOE, medication reconciliation, problem lists and CDS), KLAS asked these leaders to give perspectives on three overarching aspects of EMR usability: productivity, effectiveness and user interface. The results were then compared to usability performance metrics from KLAS’ last usability report two years ago to create a holistic view of each of the product’s progress since 2013.

“It is not surprising to hear physicians say that EMRs are better at enhancing their effectiveness than their productivity,” said Jonathan Christensen, report analyst. “What is surprising is how much improvement still needs to be made in areas like physician documentation and, in light of meaningful use pressures, how much some modules lack adoption.”

For access to the report, you can download the myKLAS app at http://www.klasresearch.com/lp/downloadklasapp or visit KLAS online at www.KLASresearch.com/reports. The report is available to healthcare providers and vendors. Providers receive a significant discount off the standard retail price or can receive a complimentary summary report in exchange for a survey about one of their current suppliers.

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